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Rwanda Ishema Wet Mill


This coffee from Rwanda is the best mix between a Good Coffee and an Ethical project. With this coffee Emanuele Bernabei placed in third place at the Italian Brewing Championship.

Species: Arabica 
Variety: Red Bourbon
Country: Rwanda
Region: Ngoma district Eastern Province
Altitude: 1500/1600 mslm
Process: Washed
Drying: Sun dried

Ishema wet mill is a project born in 2014 that aims to create and improve the working women conditions in rural areas of Rwanda.

For the project are planned training courses aimed at women operators in the local coffee chain to improve growing techniques, gain more knowledge and expertise, to contribute to the professional growth and recognition of women's role.

The project also helps to extend more a "coffee culture" in the cultivation places and consequently to improve the quality for the final consumer.

Aromas of Honey, Vanilla and Caramel. Flavour of Honey and tropical fruits. High body and balance.