The Taste generating Health means a quality commitment in the entire production process, from the choice of raw materials in search of taste. We began with coffee, because it is among the most sophisticated drinks for the aromatic complexity and chemical profile and length of the supply chain. This principle does not limit to coffee. Caffè Italia produces limited amount of pasta, flour and wine manufactured with the same care.

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Today we taste:
Brazil is the major producer of green coffee in the world housing a large variety of Arabica and Robusta. Caffè Italia selects the best Arabica for you by choosing washed coffee that has impressed our experts for aroma, taste and aftertaste. Webring this most precious coffee from the best farms directly to your home. The Gourmand recipe that we propose is a well-balanced Santos of medium body and ...

Caffè Italia is the right company for who is looking for quality, support and distinctive products.  We are the preferred partner for professionals and coffee lovers seeking for innovative sales strategies and unique tasting experience.

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Caffè Italia training team proposes courses, tutorials, seminars held by experts to learn the secrets of the art of roasting, coffee tasting, of preparing espresso and filter coffee. In addition we provide the basic financial elements for Bar and Restaurant Owners.

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Roast your special coffee to us

Would you like to roast your own coffee but don’t have the necessary equipment?
Caffè Italia puts it’s knowledge of roasting, facilities and avant-garde equipment at the disposal of experts and professionals.

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